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The gap between Fashion and Interiors has become a seamless space….meet Anna Glover

The gap between Fashion and Interiors has become a seamless space….meet Anna Glover

Anna Glover - House and Garden Magazine…

Anna Glover - House and Garden Magazine…

The gap between Fashion and Interiors has become a seamless space, where both create expression and lifestyle co-exist…Anna Glover saw a niche for traditional design with a contemporary twist.

Since setting up her studio in 2014 Anna has won numerous awards. Elle Deco, House Beautiful and most recently an outstanding collaboration with H&M.

We met with Anna at Decorex, London, where she launched her latest collection, inspired by the ancient Silk Route. A luxurious mix of art, textiles, and mythology, the collection celebrates the ancient treasures of past….

What inspired your creative journey?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I think I owe my imagination and curiosity to my family. We grew up with the most amazing magical books and stories from all round the world. I think being read these from a very young age must have sparked something.

Why did you switch from Fashion to Interiors?

I felt that there was a space in the interiors market for a luxury brand that celebrated both historical and contemporary design. There are lots of beautiful traditional wallpaper brands that focus on antique chinoiserie style imagery and I wanted to offer something that had a sense of nostalgia but also felt more current.

Tell us all about your Interior Brand.

We specialise in bespoke wallpapers, fashion and creative consultancy.

At the heart of every project is a celebration of  beautiful storytelling, art, craftsmanship and quality. We work closely with our clients from initial idea through to final production ensuring the pieces are unique and very personal.

Your work offers a reflective twist on historical ornament, with incredible painterly skill, where did you learn your craft?

I was very lucky to have been traditionally taught to draw and paint at school. I then studied foundation and BA Textiles at University College Falmouth.

I owe most of my skills to my first job at Circleline Design studio. It specialises in artworks for high end fashion and trend forecasting and it really pushed me to be more experimental and confident with the way I approach ideas and design.

As a luxury brand, your fabrics and wallpapers ooze style. What’s your favourite project?

Most of our projects are residential so it was really fun to work with Fran Hickman on the Chess Club, a private members bar in Mayfair.

The project was all about colour, drama and surreal storytelling. We worked on pieces for the entrance hall, bar and restaurant.

 Building brand loyalty is important…Is social media important to your business?

Yes instagram is great! We’ve met some amazing people through it and are very grateful for the support from our followers. That being said, good old fashioned word of mouth is still just so important and effective.

Your work utilises the latest technology. How has Digital Print Technology helped your company?

Yes we love the combination of digital and traditional techniques. Digital print allows us to use subtle photographic textures and achieve an amazing depth of colour. The ability to print very short runs allows us to sample and experiment throughout projects ensuring we can keep pushing things until they are right.

As a creative, what’s your favourite respite for inspiration?

I get inspired by all sort sorts of things, of course the internet is important but I love books, museums, films and and music. Most importantly it is Travel though. You just can’t beat seeing new places, culture and nature.

Where can our readers buy your products?

This September we launched our Silk Route Collection. This is designed to compliment our bespoke service by offering ready to order designs that celebrate the studio's most treasured influences.

You can find more information and order samples on our website