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In the frenetic world of Fashion, and Interiors (which are now forever inter-woven) it can be difficult to filter out the noise of modern 24/7 marketing, and, as a Designer, Buyer, or Business owner to find a moment to truly sense a clear, unbiased trend.

I’ve followed Pattern Curator for years!…Whenever I needed a moment of calm, creative respite, Pattern Curator is my go-to resource for Designer Resurrection…and instant Inspiration!

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Kristine Go to our talk’s session today:

It’s a gift to be able to spot Trends, when did you discover you had a natural eye for forecasting?

Actually, I didn't really discover it on my own. One of my teachers in college, at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, saw it in me first. It was for a portfolio prep class & she would keep telling me I had a gift. At the time, I didn't really know what she meant, it was just gathering images & info for me. Many years later after working in the industry, is when I understood what she meant. I would say that I truly realised & discovered that this is a gift - was a little bit after I launched Pattern Curator in 2014.

How do you tune into the creative pulse?

One way is that I surround myself with like-minded people who are passionate about something.  People who think outside of the box in their own craft - not necessarily art & design people.  From having that kind of foundation, there's always someone to bounce off the crazy ideas or even inform each other of other ideas. I also value experiences. Whether it be traveling or going to an exhibit, I think it's important to incorporate personal experiences with theory.

What’s your favourite inspiration?

This is a hard question. My favourite inspiration go-to is art. It could be the history of art, present or future. I always feel inspired looking at art even when I'm feeling depleted. Right now, I am really inspired by the art of  human craftsmanship & the compulsion to make the thing that is imagined.  

Trends are now 24/7 which makes it harder to predict the next big curve, how do you keep up?

Yeah, it's a little crazy. I am pretty obsessive though at looking & seeing common denominators, opportunities and noticing the hidden upswing. Even though it seems that trends are popping up faster than they did 20 years ago (when I first started in the industry), it's a little bit easier now. I use the constant access to my advantage. With the internet, social media & even web meetings, I can check in on Australia & what's going on there way easier today. As far as predicting the next big curve, I think because things are way faster now than they've ever been - the curve isn't as as big or as far to forecast. I also don't think this way of working is sustainable & we're seeing it. I do think we will slow back down a bit or at least look at things a little differently, change the industry standard. You can already see it with the 'buy now, wear now' mentality & with runways not looking distinctly one season.

What’s your favourite sector of the marketplace and why?

Womenswear.  I find it to be the most dynamic & most challenging areas in the market.  There have been different points in my career where I've tried other areas & have always gone back to womenswear.  I do love the fast pace & always having to be a step ahead.

Is colour easier to predict that print?

Another hard question. It depends, because they go hand in hand.  You can have the same floral motifs season after season & it's the color combinations that can make it new.  Or if you only want to look at color as a stand alone solid - possibly it's easier. But then you run into the shades & undertones of a color.  I do find it easier to predict print trends because it can be a little more broad & when a print statement shows up it's pretty bold & noticeable.  Less nuances than color, that's just me though. 

What advice would you give to designers when choosing which trends to follow?

At the end of the day,  follow your gut instinct and design from what intrinsically inspires you.  Use the trends as a point of inspiration to take it further, but not as something to follow literally. I think the beauty of being a designer is that you have an idea in your head that's not like anything anyone else had done yet. Trends and trend forecasting are tools to take your craft further, it's not what dictates what your doing.  Find the trend that is more of a guide that will bring your ideas to life.  Different than finding the trend & copying what you're seeing.  If we all do that - then we get caught in a circle.

Words of Wisdom:

Choose what resonates most with your natural aesthetic & go from there…