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Debbie McKeegan, FESPA Textile Ambassador, discusses what to expect at this year's Printeriors. Printeriors delivers a snapshot of the innovative products available utilizing Digital technologies.

Image Credits: Parlour Made UK, Mimaki and Premier Textiles, Jay Blades

Printeriors 2019 is a celebration of both Print and the Collaboration needed to make beautiful Interior products. Interiors require teamwork, and no one person can create the breadth of product required. The Designers vision can only be achieved in partnership with the manufacturer.
Working with multiple partners worldwide: Printeriors delivers a snapshot of the innovative products available utilizing Digital technologies. Featuring multiple applications and ink sets, using standard and innovative substrates to create the layers of product and inspiration required for any Interior. Many of the products on view, are embellished post production, we offer you neon, illuminated wallpapers, embroidery, printed metallic bases for both wallpaper and textiles, 3-D textiles, organic and recycled drapes, tactile surfaces for glass, metal and wood and a range of upholstered furniture that displays the versatility and creativity of Interior applications for creative spaces.
The Interiors industry worldwide crosses so many market sectors, and each has its own unique specifications to achieve. For a creative or manufacturer in a specialist marketplace understanding how best to utilize digital print is an essential learning curve.
Any Interior, be it Residential or Contract is a complex design, incorporating many co-ordinated components across multiple substrates, and digital technologies. Each element has a key place in the finished scheme and must be delivered fit for purpose, fulfilling the technical, regulatory and visual needs of the interior Designers scheme.

Sustainable manufacture is a hot topic in our Industry, and often most associated with Fashion, but our residential and contract Interiors are equally responsible, and the industry seeks a viable alternative to mass manufacture. Digital technologies deliver the solution, bespoke printed Interiors are here to stay, and as technologies alongside consumer awareness grow, so will the printed value of the Interior sector.

Join us at FESPA, Printeriors for an inspiring journey through the Elements, our inspiration for this years showcase.
Earth, Air, Fire, Wood and Water provide the creative base for each theme. Showcasing both roll-to-roll applications for textiles and wallpapers alongside bespoke panel prints for multiple surfaces and furniture.

Working in collaboration with Jasper Goodall, Illustrator and Photographer, FESPA have partnered with the Industry to push the boundaries of design. The showcase was sourced, styled and curated by Debbie McKeegan, Textile designer and Digital print expert.
Our mission was to inspire, and we hope to have delivered a space to relax, meet colleagues and absorb the innovation that represents each and every product. Utilising multiple technologies, we have partnered with companies large and small to deliver the showcase, all the products are bespoke, and custom-made for your enjoyment.

All items in the showcase are available for purchase: Please contact a member of the FESPA team for more information.
FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 is Europe’s largest speciality print exhibition for screen and digital wide format print, textile printing and signage solutions. Visit and discover the available features.

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