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8th Future Fabrics Expo - London 2019

The Future Fabrics Expo, hosted by the Sustainable Angle was a Triumph! Bringing together the Fashion industry during a two day exhibition packed with sustainable innovations and a seminar program with a guest list that delivered a powerful punch. The issues with our manufacturing choices are serious, and the impact that the fashion industry is making on the environment are almost criminal. As conscious professionals we have to work together to bring about change.

However, we also have to be realistic. The industry needs systemic reform and that can not be delivered over night. It will take many great minds, innovations in textile fabric supply, manufacturing practice, and a generation to swing fashion into a sustainable orbit. The materials we use are toxic to our planet and have to be replaced, but what with? Our society is dependent on plastic, and that has to be replaced with a viable, commercially acceptable replacement.

Numerous innovations were on display from seaweed, coconut palms, re-cycled food waste, re-cycled cottons and synthetic fibres to faux leather and hybrid substrates, many of which will develop over time to become viable alternatives for an industry that consumes trillions for metres of fabric per year worldwide.

Fashion begins with the Designer, who choices control the supply chain at the onset. They hold the key to a sustainable future for Fashion, an industry that collectively is worth an incredible $1.3 trillion dollars

Informed by exhibitions such as the Future Fabrics Expo, awareness grows within our industry and the statistics delivered by the seminar speakers were astounding. If we all make an informed choice however large or small, collectively we will bring about a huge change.

Words of Industry Wisdom:

Dilys Williams: Centre for Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion

“The essence of sustainability is about relationships, relying on trust, knowledge and shared intentions”

Clair Bergkamp: Stella McCartney

“Currently we only recycle 1% of our Textile waste: We have to move to circular design and re-cycle”

Orsola de Castro: Fashion Revolution

“As individuals we must make the changes we can NOW, we can not wait for technology”

Matthew Drinkwater: Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion

“Virtual Reality offers a new platform that we have not yet considered. Is it possible that we utilise Virtual materials and fabrics in our fashion experiences”

Edwina Ehrman, Curator V&A Museums, Fashioned from Nature

“We must label our clothes, to enable the consumer to make an informed choice for good”

Michael Kininmonth, Lenzing Group

“Micro-fibres contained in Textiles are contaminating our planet, we are knowingly making micro beads and polluting our oceans”