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Epson WF 4720 Print Head Will Change The Digital Textile Printing Market


The Epson WF4720 print head has been put on the market recently.

This print head will replace the Epson 5113 print head in the near future. In other words, the 5113 print head will stop production from now on.

EPS 3200 has the same shape as 5113 print head, and they also have the same amount of the nozzles. So this 2 kind of print heads have the same print speed, they are both suitable for large-scale use in digital printing.

Then why EPS 3200 can replace the 5113 print head?

The first reason is that EPS 3200 has a wider applications than 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head only suitable for pigment ink and disperse dye ink. But EPS 3200 has a strong corrosion resistance, and suitable for nearly all kinds of ink such as UV ink, water-based ink, oil ink, solvent ink and so on.

The second reason is that EPS 3200 has a cheaper price with 5113 print head. As we all know that 5113 print head is very cheap compared with DX5, TFP and DX7 print head. So EPS 3200 has a big advantage in price.

Low price with wide application, now you know why the manufacture stop production of the 5113 print head.


Epson WF4720

Nozzle: 3200(8*400)

Place of Origin: Japan

Types available: Locked

Speed: Faster 15% than dx5

Ink type: Water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent ink, UV ink, sublimation ink, and pigment ink etc.