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Genesta PG-Revo Pigment Inks show the way forward in Eco-Friendly Digital Textile Printing

Image courtesy of FOR.TEX

Image courtesy of FOR.TEX

Recently launched at ITMA 2019, Genesta PG-Revo Inks are the ground breaking Pigment Inks from For.Tex of Italy that provide the textile market with high abrasion resistance and high print quality in a waterless digital printing system.

For.Tex say that in terms of  universal awareness of  eco-responsible Textile Manufacturing, synthetic materials like polyester with its plastic and microfibre content constitutes an enormous ecological problem and that, in the long run,  printing  natural fibres such as Cotton and Linen  are a better solution.

However, because of the large amounts of water and energy used in the processing of Cotton and Linen prints,  a sea change of ink-choice is taking place, as Digital Textile Printers move from the water and energy greedy Reactive and Acid Inks to the Eco-solution of high spec Pigment ink-sets.

Leading the way, For.Tex PG-Revo inks  guarantee high performance with a huge colour space, while reducing environmental costs, because the woven and knitted fabrics  printed with PG-Revo Inks do not require chemical pre- coating or after-treatment to boost fastness levels.

Thanks to improved chemical and physical bonding properties, Genesta PG-Revo's new revolutionary-in-class pigment ink provides market-leading dry and wet abrasion resistance (providing results identical to traditional ISO 105 X12 printing) without additional processing.

Importantly PG-REVO inks can  be used without pre-treatment, on a wide gamut of colours without affecting either, the substantivity of the shade, or its wash and rub fast ness performance.

The high-quality printing on a wide range of fabric types, enabled by For.Tex PG-Revo Inks allows for a multitude of applications in the fastest growing markets of the Digital Textile Printing Eco-System, where along with eco-awareness, fast-fashion, personalisation  and customisation are the key words of today.