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HP Stitch Claims To Have The World’s Fastest Dye-Sub Colour Match

Image courtesy of HP

Image courtesy of HP

The Challenge Of Textile Printing

One of the biggest challenges in printing onto fabrics is getting the colour reproduction absolutely true, time after time.

Achieving colour consistency with dye sub printing hasn’t been easy. Additionally, there have been issues with cockling on low grammage transfer paper, and in general, cost efficiency has been poor.

Until now.

With the Stitch series, HP has addressed these problems head-on. They say that using the latest thermal ink technology, the printer will be able to maximise productivity and cost efficiency, while producing the highest quality output.

Key features

  • Smart Nozzle Compensation System – avoid wasteful reprints with the Stitch’s native 1200 dpi printhead resolution that can automatically compensate for up to 30% of nozzles out.

  • Automatic maintenance – daily interventions are a thing of the past with printheads that can print continuously.

  • User-replaceable printheads – save time and money on routine maintenance.

  • Drop & Dry printzone dryer – cockling is avoided, even on low grammage papers, as the ink is dried immediately.

  • HP SmartColor – predictable colour with a built-in spectrophotometer that’s accurate even when environmental conditions change.

  • HP Ergosoft RIP Color Edition includes HP Easy Profiling – the fastest profiling tool available.

  • HP Professional PANTONE – for the closest possible pantone matches.

  • Applications: Sportswear, Fashion, Interior And Home Décor, Soft Signage And Display.

Meet the team

  • HP Stitch S300 – an entry-level 64” dye sub printer for both fabric and transfer paper, this is the first 100% front operating dye sub device.

  • HP Stitch S500 – a 64” dye sub printer that can go for an entire shift unattended, even overnight – lower costs, less wastage, high productivity.

  • HP Stitch S1000 – 126” of dye sub power that delivers the most vibrant colours and deepest blacks – with print speeds of up to 220 m2 per hour and 40% time savings with simplified operation.