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Great Success For The Mouvent TX802 At ITMA

Image Courtesy of Mouvent AG

Image Courtesy of Mouvent AG

After seven exciting days, ITMA closed its doors and for Mouvent, world premiering the TX802 high quality, high performance printer, it was a great success.

Besides many interesting discussions, as well as an incredible amount of serious leads, Mouvent was able to close more deals than expected for this new machine during the show.

The new TX802 builds on the success of Mouvent’s popular inaugural digital textile printer, the TX801.

The TX802 is an 8-color multi-pass digital textile printer producing the highest print quality on textiles with up to 2,000 DPI optical resolution, and is associated with very high printing speeds.

It has double the output of the TX801, producing up to 400 sqm per hour of perfectly printed fabrics. It achieves this with only 20% additional space required compared with the TX801. 

“The TX802 really demonstrates the benefits of the MouventTM Cluster technology,” said Ghislain Segard, Marketing & Sales Manager, Textile Machines at Mouvent. “It is the reason why we can develop a machine that has double the output of the TX801 with minimal extra floor space required. By simply duplicating the clusters, each color is jetted by two printing heads, providing the highest-quality result with the greatest efficiency of space and cost.”

The MouventTM Cluster is an ingenious digital printing technology, which uses clusters instead of fixed size print bars by color, arranging them in a modular, scalable matrix.

The result is one system that can be simply adapted for all substrates, of all widths, for all markets.

The innovative cluster design is the base building block for all systems, current and in development and will be the centerpiece of Mouvent machines for a wide variety of other markets beyond textiles, such as labels, corrugated board, flexible packaging, folding carton and more.

As well as the TX802, Mouvent  also showed its own Digital Front End – titled MouventTM DFE – for the first time. MouventTM DFE enables seamless, simple preparation of print data and excellent print results.