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Eurolaser show Micro-Factory Cutter At Heimtex 2019


Eurolaser Offers CO₂ Laser Cutter Especially For Textiles

A vital component of any Textile Micro-Factory is the roll to roll automatic cutting table and leading the  way is the Eurolaser XL-3200 CO2  Laser Cutting Machine.

This Table transforms the printed fabric with its ‘nested’ imagery into a coherent production of size specific pattern pieces ready for sewing.

Each piece of the pattern is produced with sealed edges, with no fabric distortion due to contactless cutting and cut accuracy maintained by micro camera cut supervision.

Large format laser systems are ideally suitable for cutting of textiles. Today, modern fabrics, made of Polyester, Aramid, Kevlar ®, Fleece, Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Fibreglass, , Felt, Silk,  and other technical textiles are cut by lasers. In particular, the contactless processing with the laser beam and the distortion-free cutting involved, as well as the high precision are crucial arguments for the use of laser technology in textile processing.

At this year’s FESPA in Berlin, Eurolaser was awarded the EDP Award in the category ‘Best large-format cutting solution’. Highest quality, performance as well as cost efficiency, particularly of the laser system XL-3200 all made an impression. Like all eurolaser systems, it demonstrates worldwide outstanding precision, speed and quality of results. The independent EDP honours the best technological developments every year across Europe with its sought-after awards.

Eurolaser was founded in September 1994 by Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Kluczinski with a view to establishing  laser technology for material processing in the industry and in the handcraft sector.