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Colors & Shapes : Smart Print Solutions From Gemini Cad Systems


Between 16-18 November 2018, experts, managers and creative people from the textile and clothing industry are invited to Sibiu, Romania, to test "hot" technologies and state-of-the-art software / hardware solutions dedicated to fashion, furniture and more.

Under the name "Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions the event bears the joint signature of PrintCenter.ro and Gemini CAD Systems.

Thus, in a joint effort, print & technology entrepreneurs get their hands on providing smart and integrated solutions to textile industry professionals.

PrintCenter.com officially launches its new printing line, becoming the only digital printing center in Romania that offers the ability to print on all types of fabric, from synthetic materials to the finest natural fibers.

Gemini CAD Systems, a global technology provider for fashion and other flexible fabrics, presents the integrated Gemini AutomART solution and inaugurates a complete production line with PrintCenter.ro with this innovative technology. Gemini AutomART addresses the custom digital printing industry, changing the traditional production flow through a fully automated, cost-saving and high-quality product.

For almost three days, national and international guest experts (Gemini CAD Systems, Mimaki Europe, Mons Medius) will open a dialogue on the latest trends and technologies in Sibiu.  

" Making cutting-edge technology and innovation for the textile industry can not mean today just providing individual working tools to designers or designers ," says Traian Luca, CEO of Gemini CAD Systems.

" It means analyzing production flows entirely, rethinking processes in terms of technical and economic performance, and ultimately proposing complex and modern solutions tailored to the current automation and digitization needs.

Sure, this implies changes in the concept and organization of work, but it is the only way to progress, and the results mean lower production time, cost savings, superior product quality.

This is the mission and promise of Automart, our integrated technology for customized digital printing manufacturers and especially for the challenging sports equipment sector. Collaboration with PrintCenter.ro and the inauguration in Sibiu of the first Gemini AutomART line in Romania is our answer for the specialists in the field, looking for a complete and high-efficiency solution. "

The "Colors & Shapes. Smart Print Solutions ", organized by the two partners in Sibiu from 16-18 November, will include presentations of equipment and technologies, practical demonstrations, interactive sessions, as well as numerous networking and relaxation opportunities. Writers can sign up using the contact details below until November 8th.

About Gemini CAD Systems

Gemini CAD Systems is the world's leading provider of CAD-CAM technology and integrated solutions for the textile and fashion industry, the textiles and leather upholstery industry in the furniture and automotive sectors as well as other fabric manufacturing industries flexible. Gemini products are the result of research, design and development work by the company, being exclusively based on their own algorithms and concepts. The company has over 16,000 beneficiaries in nearly 60 countries of the world.

Website: www.geminicad.com . Contact person: Traian Pîndaru, Direct Sales Manager, tel. 0749 110667, e-mail: traian.pindaru@geminicad.com.