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Brook International LTD - Celebrates 120 Years


Put The Flags Out’ We’re 120 Years Old!

Brook International celebrates 120 years!

Brook International is a family business, and having been established in 1898 has been producing and selling textiles for 120 years. We have seen wars, world cups, recessions and premises moves, but, we still attract discerning customers worldwide who recognise our trademark textiles for Flags and Banners!

The first mill, in Bradford, was established as a worsted weaving factory in 1898. The company was incorporated in 1928, and was supplying worsted and panama cloths. There followed a boom in shipbuilding and the British Admiralty had a high demand for flags and flag fabrics. This led to the company concentrating its efforts on textiles for the worldwide flag market.

Brook International moved to our current, custom built facility in Cross Hills in 2003. The company has evolved into the leading supplier of textiles for the wide format digital print market. Key products now include textiles for Flags, Stage and Theatre backdrops, Exhibition Signs and Graphics, Advertising in Front and Backlit Light Boxes, Promotional Textiles, and textiles with a myriad of end uses.

To celebrate our birthday we’ve compiled a display showing the Company’s history, with photographs and paperwork, dating back to 1898.”

Debbie Mckeegan