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Apparel Industry Reaches The Next Level in Digital Transformation - EFI

EFI Reggiani products offering eco-friendly digital production  with stunning colours and colour fidelity for striking fashion designs...

EFI Reggiani products offering eco-friendly digital production with stunning colours and colour fidelity for striking fashion designs...

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 9, 2018 – A highlight of this month’s Sourcing at MAGIC tradeshow, the EFI™ Textile Eco-System for the fashion industry from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII), allows customers to thrive with efficient, cost-effective digital apparel production. EFI’s exhibit at the Aug. 12-15 event showcases one of the industry’s only complete offerings to create a better paradigm in small-lot and sample apparel production – with new and updated
products from EFI’s innovative textile technology portfolio, including:

  • EFI Reggiani products offering eco-friendly digital production with stunning colors and color fidelity for striking fashion designs. EFI Reggiani printers are exceptionally versatile in their capabilities and can print with a variety of different inks to support virtually any fabric type for efficient digital production. New Terra water-based inks, a groundbreaking pigment ink with binder, enable in-line polymerization for greener, more-efficient production, eliminating the need for steaming or washing.
  • EFI Fiery® DesignPro RSe, a set of new, time-saving plug-in tools that give designers the unprecedented ability to do multi-channel separation and re-coloring work within Adobe® Photoshop®.
  • The EFI Optitex® 2D and 3D integrated platform for product development and design – a cutting-edge digital solution used by leading brands and retailers worldwide to optimize workflows and save time, costs and fabric by creating digital patterns. Optitex offerings now include a new eLearning site that gives users a step ahead in their technical design education, reducing the time required to develop a stronger base knowledge of thesoftware’s powerful CAD capabilities.

During the show, partner exhibitors Klieverik, Zünd® and Brigade Manufacturing will provide heat press/fixation, cutting and sewing, respectively, for designs EFI is printing on site. This complete, multi-vendor “mini-factory” with EFI and partner exhibitors shows the broader range of possibilities from a real-world, highly efficient and fully functional integrated system featuring new technologies that put customers on the forefront of lean, efficient and automated apparel manufacturing.

“We have developed a totally new and highly innovative generation of digital printers, based on four new Reggiani models launched progressively since 2017, plus our groundbreaking new pigment ink,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “In addition, we have paired those innovations with cutting-edge Optitex and Fiery design and production tools, making EFI’s Textile Eco-System the only offering from a single supplier capable of delivering this level of fast time-to-market, high-customization manufacturing. Our customers can create new opportunities and establish profitable apparel lines produced closer to the point of need using the new offerings on display at MAGIC.”

Debbie Mckeegan