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SwissQ To Launch Karibu Roll To Roll Printer In May At Fespa Munich


Karibu is The roll to roll printer with SwissQprint DNA

Karibu is the roll to roll printer that combines efficiency and quality.

It incorporates the essence of 20 years’ experience in UV Inkjet Printing, enhanced with novel technological solutions.

Karibu has unique characteristics and abilities such as:

Easy Roll Handling

Rolls are inserted and ready for print in only a few minutes with the Karibu cassette system. Efficient, reliable, precise.

Instant Control Of Backlits

The user monitors backlit prints practically real-time by means of the light box functionality. Optimum output, minimum rejects.

Karibu has features and capabilities like no other large format printer and comes packed with all the experience that has been gained over decades of developing and manufacturing high-quality flatbed printers. Curious?

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Fespa 2019, Munich, 14–17 May 2019, Hall A5, Stand H30