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Responsible Manufacturing : Bluesign® Shows The Way Forward At ITMA 2019

Image Courtesy of Bluesign

Image Courtesy of Bluesign

Taking the responsibility when it comes to environmental and consumer protectionist the challenge that future-driven businesses have to accept long before politics, legislators or authorities force them into a new way of thinking.

However, many companies have learned from their own attempts, that this can be a quite challenging task.

The way towards sustainable production cannot and should not, be taken alone, it involves co-operation of the whole supply chain network and the commitment for a continuous improvement.

Real changes can be achieved only by  mutual understanding between he involved parties.

Under the roof of the BLUESIGN®SYSTEM there is an ever growing network of companies from chemical suppliers to manufacturers and brands. These interacting parties, called BLUESIGN®SYSTEM PARTNERS, are guided by a set of BLUESIGN®criteria.

Each BLUESIGN®SYSTEMPARTNER shares within the BLUESIGN® SYSTEM their own and unique expertise and tasks that shall be integrated towards a collective goal of responsible management of resources as well as human and environmentally friendly production and products.

The BLUESIGN® SYSTEM as a holistic approach based on input stream management and sophisticated chemicals management assures that harmful substances are minimized or even eliminated from the manufacturing process.

Managing inputs and responsible actions across the whole supply chain lead to the desired credibility towards the community.

BLUESIGN technologies supports the efforts of the BLUESIGN®SYSTEM partners by providing a solution and services to foster the mutual aim of social responsibility, environmentally friendly and safe production, conservation of natural resources and a high level of product safety.