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Neenah Global Transitions Digital Transfer Paper Business To Neenah Coldenhove Of The Netherlands

Image courtesy of Neenah-Coldenhove

Image courtesy of Neenah-Coldenhove

The Neenah Group have announced that they have successfully transitioned the Neenah Digital Heat Transfer Papers world-wide business to Neenah Coldenhove, located in Eerbeek, the Netherlands.

Since 1 July, Neenah Coldenhove have taken over global responsibility for the Digital Transfer Printing business for all of the Neenah Group.

 Neenah Coldenhove will now stock the legacy digital transfer papers (inkjet and laser heat transfer and screen print) and service customers of the EMEA region for now, but may expand to other regions in the future.

By adding heat transfer papers to their existing portfolio of digital sublimation and pigment transfer papers, Neenah Coldenhove aims to become the main source for all Digital Transfer paper needs.

This rebranding and organisational change gives Neenah Coldenhove the opportunity to continue growing their Digital Transfer Paper business.

In addition, their combined market access, product technologies, geographic advantages and global brand recognition work in printer’s  favour to help grow and strengthen their businesses.

Already since its foundation, over three and a half centuries ago, Neenah Coldenhove has a name to uphold with high-quality paper for special applications.

From time immemorial Neenah Coldenhove has a rock-solid market position with traditional products such as cardboard for the folder industry, and special envelope paper. In the nineteen seventies, Neenah Coldenhove developed a portfolio with transfer papers for rotary screen printing, Screencol; herewith the enterprise set its first steps in the printing industry.

When by the end of the nineteen nineties digitalization started in industrial printing as well, the high-tech product Jetcol® was developed, a very successful patented paper for digital sublimation transfer printing.

Since the introduction of Jetcol®, Neenah Coldenhove has played a leading role worldwide in this industry; following and/or pushing developments, the company has meanwhile developed a broad assortment of transfer paper for many different applications.

As of 2011, innovation plays an even more prominent role within Neenah Coldenhove: in that year, the Innovation & Development Department was founded.

This department exclusively focuses on the development of new paper and board applications, making use of our own knowledge and experience, as well as an extensive international network of OEMs, customers and other partners. I

n 2012, this already resulted in the introduction of a line of digital decor papers; a second introduction – of new medical packing products –took take place in 2013.