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Neenah Coldenhove “Lights” a Way To Endless Possibilities.


Social Entrepreneurship: An Excellent Team from Neenah Coldenhove For A Special New Year Gift

To ring in the New Year, Neenah  Coldenhove wanted to give a more unconventional present to their customers and partners that will be sent out in the upcoming weeks.

Neenah Coldenhove want to  “light” their way to endless possibilities.

Their gift this year: a Special Lightbox.

A Beautiful Graphic Print on a Textile enclosed in a frame that is illuminated by LED lights. With this idea they want to show you the endless creative possibilities that you have with paper.

This gift is the outcome of a collaboration between different parties: the outside frame is a cardboard laminated with premium paper from Neenah in the United States; whilst the Textile has been printed with Neenah Coldenhove sublimation transfer paper.

But what makes this item even more special is the last part of its creation.

Once produced, all the components have been assembled with cooperation of De Voorwerkers, a social firm that provides suitable work for people who, due to different circumstances, have a distance to the labour market.

 With this cooperation Neenah Coldenhove is making another step towards showing more Corporate Social Responsibility and they are proud to support social goals which contribute directly to social return