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Mimaki Release New Hi Speed Printer For The Fashion Industry

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Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Mimaki, headquartered in Tomi City, Nagano; President, Kazuaki IKEDA) announced the release of a NEW 1.8m (5.9 ft.) Roll to Roll water-based sublimation transfer inkjet printer.

The "TS55-1800" which realizes high productivity, stable long-time operation and low running cost, will be available from October 2018.

In the textile/apparel market, digital printers which can produce small to medium runs of various designs in a short period of time have recently attracted rising attention. Especially within fashion industry where time to market as well as smaller production runs are more important nowadays. “This is where MIMAKI's digital dye-sublimation printer TS55-1800 comes into the game. With various print modes suitable for any work provided, ranging from high-speed print with a maximum rate of 140 sqm/h (1,506 sq.ft/h) focusing on productivity, to quality-oriented print with enhanced picture quality, our new printer is the right option to achieve all these customer requirements,” says Kazuaki Ikeda.

By newly enabling the use of "MAPS (*1)" in high-speed mode (70 sqm/h;753 sq.ft/h) printing, TS55-1800 achieves both high productivity and highest print quality. Furthermore, new optional units -- "Mini jumbo roll unit" and "10kg Ink-supply unit" were adopted to allow for stable and continuous operations during high-speed printing.
The "mini jumbo roll unit" is a feeding unit to load [Mimaki Vision Jet-X] transfer paper with a length of about 2,500m (8,202 ft). When running the printer at its maximum speed (140 sqm/h;1,506 sq.ft/h), a 150 meter (492 ft) roll of transfer paper runs out in approximately 2 hours. The system was therefore incapable of coping with extended continuous operation such as overnight printing in the absence of operators. The combination of "Mimaki Vision Jet-X" and the mini jumbo roll allows for unattended printing for a long time. The mini jumbo roll also contributes to reducing the running cost with lower paper costs per square meter in comparison to normal plotter rolls.
The "10kg (22 lb) ink supply unit" is a unit to set a 10kg ink tank for a single color. The larger quantity tank allows for extended continuous operations. Compared with the conventional 2L ink pack, it significantly reduces the ink unit price per quantity.

The "TS55-1800" achieves both high productivity and stunning print quality while ensuring reliable long-time continuous operation and cutting the production cost when equipped with its optional units.