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Mary Katrantzou The ‘Queen Of Digital’ To Show Her Spring Summer 20 Collection At The Temple Of Poseidon

Image Courtesy of Mary Katrantzou

Image Courtesy of Mary Katrantzou

On October 3rd 2019 Mary Katrantzou  will be returning to her roots to proudly present her Spring Summer 20 collection.

This special celebration will be held at the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, Mary's dream location and a very exclusive site where no fashion house has shown before.

Believed to have been built in by Iktinos, the architect of the Temple of Hephaistos in Athens' Ancient Agora, around 444 BC (the same year as the Parthenon) the Temple of Poseidon is named after the God of the Sea for good reason.

Spectacularly located on a promontory in southern Attica, the temple of Poseidon is perched on the cliff edge, seventy metres above the sea.

Sounion is the setting for several episodes in Greek mythology and is specifically mentioned as a place of religious significance in Homer’s Odyssey.

In some myths it is the spot where the Athenian king Aegeus threw himself into the sea in despair at having sighted the black sail of his son Theseus’ ship returning from Crete and his battle with the Minotaur.

This Ancient Temple will now provide an epic backdrop for her fashion show which was made possible after she Joined forces with Marianna Vardinoyannis to help The Association of Friends of Children with Cancer (Elpida) , her homecoming marks the Association's 30th anniversary.

 Mary explained: "we are coming together to raise funds for a good cause and the collection is made up of individual looks with different fabrication techniques, each inspired by the philosophies born out of arts, literature and sciences at the time the temple was built."

The show's production counts with the best of the best: her hard work will be showcased in an event lead by Etienne Russo and to the sound of an original soundtrack by Oscar-winning composer Vangelis, who also recently featured Katrantzou costumes at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in the modern dance performance of ‘The Thread’ directed by Russell Malliphant.

Haute couture creations by the 36-year-old, London-based designer are sold in over 200 fashion stores, including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Hiphunters, in 47 countries.

Her fans include the likes of Michelle Obama, Melania Tramp, Sarah Jessica Parker and Riana.