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J.C.L. Installs MS Minilario Digital Textile Printer

Image Courtesy of MS Italy

Image Courtesy of MS Italy

Jay Chemical Industries recipient of  this year’s Greentech Environment Award are pushing their Textile agenda further forward with their installation of the latest Minilario Digital Printer from MS Italy, part of the Dover Group and one of  the seven MiniLario machines sold by the company at ITMA 2019.

Based in Mararashtra, India, with a strong environmental ethos embodying the establishment of a cleaner, greener manufacturing facility, along with water & energy conservation JCL see the Minilario working alongside their Flat-Bed  Textile Screen Printing set-up.

This model is the only scanner-type printer in the world with 64 Kyocera printheads installed. (The maximum number of Kyocera printheads in competitor printers is 32 pcs.)

Eight rows of eight print heads provide a working print speed directly on the fabric at 1000 meters per hour with eight color scheme.

Among scanner-type printers, MS Mini Lario is the fastest digital fabric printing machine in the world.

Mini Lario is available with a working print width from 180 cm to 320 cm, can have from 32 to 64 print heads.

The printer has a number of design features. The most important difference from the models of competitors is the system of horizontal suspension of the carriage where  there are no forces acting on the carriage bearings, which tend to turn the carriage along the axis of suspension.

In addition, the MiniLario  incorporates features such as an open software system, embedded remote diagnostics, embedded web server for cost report, and a local printing queue management system.