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ITMA 2019 : Aleph Show Speed And Pigment Gamut Achievements With The LaForte 200

Image courtesy of Aleph Srl

Image courtesy of Aleph Srl

Aleph at ITMA showed the strength and depth of their Print machine offering.

Exemplified by the LaForte 200, which was running on Pigments at over 450 m2 per hour, visitors were impressed by the strength and breadth of the colours printed.

Using the Aleph Pigment Ink System, which is OEKO-Tex and Reach certified, the prints showed vivid yellows and reds on a full cover floral design.

The brand-new advanced pigment inks and direct disperse dyes developed by Aleph don’t require pre and post treatments –enabling a significant reduction in water consumption –and guarantee durability and colour vibrancy thanks to an innovative binder with ultra-clinging-to-the-fibre capability.

In addition, Aleph has recently developed new pre and post treatment solutions that help further enhance the solidity and colour vibrancy also on special fibres.

Designs were prepared using Aleph’s own Smartprint™ design software, and matching was effected using the Aleph Newton™ colour profiling module.

The LaForte machine itself was configured with an in-line Ceramic Print dryer, as well as Patented Anti-Mist Aspiration and the Patented Kevlar Vacuum Belt system.

The printing speed of over 450 m2/hr produced a faultless product showing the high build quality of the machine, constructed of non-rust Aluminium in vibrationless mountings and with carriages on double rails allowing a maximum of 0.1 micron deflection.

Aleph are excited to be atITMA 2019 and will use the show to highlight the company’s evolution over the last four years.

“Not only have we boosted our range of high-performing digital print solutions–which also reflects in the theme and size of our booth–but we have also experienced a continuous corporate growth, up to 50%, following the joint venture with Italian private equity firm, Wise sgr”, comments Alessandro Manes, CEO at Aleph.

“Since the official launch of LaForte project, back in 2015, our R&D team has been working hard to improvea nd consolidate the series. We decided to keep our focus on developing he digital print scanning technology, which can now deliver high volumes, top printed quality and lower production costs, while we consider single pass print technology still at an early stage of its evolution.

“Furthermore, we have also focused on boosting our work flows oftware, enhancing our pigment inks and creating complete lines for printing on fabrics, through both he development of proprietary pre and post-press systems and strategic partnerships.”