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Epson And For.Tex Launch New Genesta Fluorescent Inks


Epson and its subsidiary For.Tex, leader in the production of dyes, thickeners and textile pre and post treatment products, announce the availability of Genesta Fluorescent Flavin and Genesta Fluorescent Pink colors.

Available in quantities of three and ten liters, these two additions increase to thirteen the total number of colors available in Genesta's range of acid inks. Specially requested in the swimsuit and sportswear sector, fluorescent tones are produced specifically for printing on polyamide fabrics.

Pietro Roncoroni, president of For.Tex, said: "The availability of these new inks allows printers to meet the needs of their customers, who can expand their offer for other sectors of the market. In addition to their traditional fields of application, the women's garment industry is also interested in these fluorescent effects. Digital textile printing is advancing by leaps and bounds and the availability of these new inks provides an essential complement to the fields of application. "

Mr. Mauro Livio, owner of Lico Print, a printing company based in Como and one of the Epson customers who is already using the new fluorescent colors, said: "Our products are mainly used in the beachwear markets. and elastic sports fabrics, which usually require bright colors and fluorescents. Since the introduction of Genesta fluorescent inks, which we have been using enthusiastically since this spring, we are able to meet all the needs of our customers and since then we have received several orders, now in production. "

Developed by For.Tex. In collaboration with Epson, Genesta inks meet the highest quality standards in terms of production reliability and color fastness of prints on all fibers. The range, which includes acid, reactive, dispersed, pigment and sublimation inks, covers a wide and perfectly balanced color space. Completely degassed to ensure maximum printing performance, they reduce cleaning cycles of the heads, significantly reducing consumption. The inks are contained in cartridges of 1, 3 and 10 liters, completely extractable, of multilayer aluminum thermally welded; guarantee total reliability, reduce waste and produce according to the highest standards: each cartridge has a unique chip, provided to avoid accidental loading of the wrong ink.