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Efi Optitex’s Revolutionary Print & Cut Solution Brings Reality To The Textile Micro-Factory

Image Courtesy of EFI OPTITEX

Image Courtesy of EFI OPTITEX

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has released the newest version of the EFI™ Optitex® 2D/3D CAD platform, creating a more powerful end-to-end digital solution.

The new software version delivers key enhancements to Optitex’s industry-leading end-to-end solution capabilities for fashion, apparel and textile, including a new and innovative Print & Cut solution that enables printing of all garment patterns on a single roll.

The new release also features several innovative technology breakthroughs and strengthens its position as a full and sustainable end-to-end solution that helps brands and retailers get products to market faster..

“In order to respond to the fast pace of fashion and changing buying behaviors today, implementing end-to-end digital workflows is no longer a nice-to-have; it is survival. With this new Optitex release, full design-to-production preparation can be automated, enabling customers to focus on creativity, to quicken execution, and allow for the customization required in today’s demanding market,” said Amir Lehr, general manager, EFI Optitex.

 “As on-demand manufacturing of fashion and apparel continues to gain traction around the world, this new release offers the necessary efficiencies required to meet market requirements for faster time to market, accuracy, customization and personalization, as well as profitable and timely production of small mixed orders.” 

The new Optitex version’s industry-changing Print & Cut solution for complete garment printing on a single roll enables significant savings in fabric roll inventory, with typically 15%-40% greater efficiency compared to traditional methods. 

An innovative on-demand manufacturing solution, Print & Cut is ideal for micro factory sample production, print on demand custom graphics or logos, efficient alignment of complex graphics, and uniquely tailored for small and mixed orders.

If your organization relies on in-house digital printers, serves small brands or handles sublimation and direct prints, Print & Cut is for you.

Fashion and apparel manufacturers also benefit from an improved nesting algorithm that increases fabric utilization by up to 4%.

Additional capabilities in the new Optitex release include:

  • Advanced automation tools including true-to-life fabric simulation, cross-size simulation and multi-colorway-multi-angle rendering

  • Power tools that simplify complex stitching and grading, including designs for bags and pockets

  • A gusset creation tool that simplifies definition of complex gusset shapes for bags, jackets, coats, pants and more

  • A rich library of more than 150 commonly-used fabrics and support for a new licensing mechanism for the Alvanon all-in-one avatar editor

  • Automation of routine tasks such as rendered image creation, and simulation of sized garments, avatars and poses.

The new release also enables custom views of designs for consistent and adaptable 3D sample displays for product catalogs and design review meeting, minimizing the need for physical samples and costly photo shoots across the design and production workflow.