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Dye Sublimation Printing Reinvented : HP To Debut Its Stitch Printer At ISA 2019 In Las Vegas

Image Courtesy of HP

Image Courtesy of HP

Palo Alto, CA, April, 2019 — HP Inc. invites ISA 2019 attendees to experience the latest technology innovations that empower print service providers to bring creativity to life through high quality prints at high speed.

Signalling its entry into Mainstream Textiles, HP will unveil its latest Stitch Dye Sublimation Textile Printer portfolio at ISA International Sign Expo ® in Las Vegas from  April 24th to 26th  2019.

In presenting a machine that the Trade has eagerly awaited , David Prezzano, vice president and general manager, Graphics Solutions Business, Americas, HP Inc says  “We continue to strengthen our commitment to deliver new possibilities for HP’s Graphics Solutions Business. The industry has a great potential to grow digitally, and our vision is to facilitate a future where technology is easily accessible to everyone,”

“We invite attendees to hear first-hand from HP executives about the endless possibilities and applications of our new technologies at ISA

HP’s booth at ISA (Booth 1919, 1935, 5500 SF) will provide a visually stimulating experience with inspiring and new applications in graphics. From Wednesday, April 24th to Friday April 26th, attendees will have the opportunity to experience HP’s booth, as well as participate in VIP tours, getting a first hand look at the following experiences:

  • Lounge & Learn: At 12:15 p.m. as ISA kicks off on Wednesday, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the future of color management for Textiles.

  • The Sportswear and Fashion Store: HP will demonstrate the latest in digital print technology through its retail store – complete with retail storefront windows and mannequins. The area will be swathed in beautiful designs, soft signage (front lit and backlit) and home décor including curtains, upholstery, lamps, and cushions.

  • The Ice Cream Store: A high-end ice cream shop will showcase all that’s possible with R-Series printing – both signage and decor. HP’s reimagined ice cream store features 3D, glitter and translucent effects to create the ultimate retail experience.

  • Car Wrap Competition: HP will host a car wrap competition as the exclusive hardware supplier.

  • Happy Hour with HP:  Happy Hour will take place in both HP Booths (1919 and 1935) on Wednesday, April 24 from 4-5pm to celebrate HP’s new products at the show.