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In a quest to deliver an exciting, inspirational showcase for visitors to this year’s FESPA Printeriors event at the Global Print Expo 2019, preparations began in late 2018.

The brief was to offer a luxurious selection of textile products that reflect all of the incredible innovations that our industry has to offer. Featuring products for Home Furnishings, Upholstery and Contract Interiors.

Beginning with the design process, whilst utilizing CAD technology and the new software, Textile Designer from Adobe, the FESPA team commissioned Jasper Goodall a renowned illustrator and photographer to create a collection inspired by the elements. Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Water were the visual inspiration for a series of designs, created in high resolution to push the boundaries of print. The Showcase and Stand was Designed, Sourced and Curated by Debbie McKeegan working with an incredible team of Digital Textile Print Specialists worldwide.

Each and every pixel created to perfection to deliver high quality, high resolution ink jet prints at any scale. Great attention to detail was delivered for every element, beginning with a series of mood boards, moving on to create repeating designs, as is the main format for much of our industry, alongside a series of panel prints.

The showcase featured multiple products, and in this feature article we will focus on the core Textile elements:

Working with the main sponsor for Textiles: Premier Digital Textiles a selection of fabrics featuring industry staples alongside sustainable options were selected for use as furnishing drapes. The Textile industry is in a period of great change, with sustainability high on the consumers agenda the development of new technologies for textile production is vital, and one that was reflected throughout the showcase.

Re-cycled polyesters, and Organically bleached Natural fabrics from Premier Digital Textiles were on display, alongside many others including: Polyester Velvet, Chenille, Cotton Panama, Twill and Faux Silk, even Metallics, all printed in co-operation with Mimaki using both Dye Sublimation and Pigment printing technology.
Mimaki offer a suite of digital print machines for low or large-scale production. All the products on display were bespoke prints and created for Printeriors, to reflect a growing trend within our industry for personalization and customization.

Print-on-Demand, offers a new generation of creatives access to low volume print. All the products on display were created utilizing CAD / CAM digitization to control colour and design throughout the process. Working with Jaspers designs each element was then schemed to produce a series of room sets that featured all the essential products for an Interior. Defining and balancing the design concepts to deliver a stimulating visual environment that portrayed the limitless creative possibilities now in the hands of the Interior and Textile designer.

The Interior industry has embraced Digital technologies, and as access to print services and the core substrates used by the industry increases, we are witnessing a transformation that can only facilitate growth in this sector.

Designers are pushing the boundaries of print and are now working together in collaboration with manufacturers to develop new technologies and applications. Printeriors was a tribute to such process and it was a pleasure to work alongside so many inspirational partners:
One such example is the Upholsterer, and TV presenter, Jay Blades, Jay specializes in Up-Cycling furniture…his iconic style adds new life into every piece of furniture that he lovingly restores. Working together with the print provider 3-Sixty and the FESPA textile ambassador, Jay created a series of printed panels that were then upholstered onto his Ben chair frames. The fabric used was a fire-retardant polyester Velvet, printed using Dye Sublimation printing.  The result was a stunning collection of bespoke furniture, each iconic piece worthy of a space all of its own, and a new home, for many more years to come.
The Interior Industry is both regulated and certified. Digital print technologies have revolutionized the availability of bespoke design and offer the Interior designer a canvas for creativity and customized Interiors.
Working with Tracey Reed and her team at the Mad Chair company we created a series of armchairs, and stools, each panel decorated in a coordinating element to create a unique piece of statement furniture. Printed using Dye Sublimation onto luxury Velvet and Polyester Twill. An invaluable resource for the designer, Mad Chair, manufacture bespoke furniture in any volume alongside a digital print service and sewing facility for customized manufacture.
Mitwill Textiles offer a design bank, print bureau and a unique fabric selection, with an eye for innovation we chose to use two stunning layered fabrics that added a 3-D element to our showcase. The lazer cut Polyester leaf, being printed using Dye Sublimation alongside the layered Razor edged fabric, both of which added depth, luxury and texture to our showcases. Printed in low volume, both of these fabrics are only available printed digitally, and this is yet another example of design and product diversity facilitated by digital technologies.
Prinfab are a UK based digital print service, founded by two young entrepreneurs who generously created a series of fabric prints for use as drapes and wall-hangings. Printing onto both Natural and Polyester fabrics we chose Chenille, Organic Linen, Eco-Cotton and Re-cycled Polyester. The team at Prinfab offer an exceptional service, using web-to-print software they deliver often in just 2-days…meeting the speed requirement of today’s consumer.
Once printed all of our customized fabric creations needed to be transformed into final drapes…and thanks to the generous support of Ena Shaw and their talent team of sewing ladies our products were finally complete.
Ena Shaw are a manufacturer of Sewn Furnishings and serve many major brands throughout Europe. With an automated factory they offer a unique service for the mass manufacture of Home textiles, Soft Furnishings and Custom-made Furnishings.

Special thanks to all our Textile partners for this year’s Printeriors, many of our products were created in a production environment, where time is of the essence, and of great value. It was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you….and we look forward to next year’s showcase.