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Graduate fashion week | london is a gateway for the next generation…and offers GRADUATES an international catwalk. It’s not to be missed!!…

this years graduates showcased an incredible display that is a tribute to the talent of our young creative community.

standing out from the crowd was Sophie Jane Robinson of Epsom University.

Whos collection encapsulated time! Inspired by her childhood, Sophie created a stunning collection that took elements of the past, bringing them into the future utilising talent and technology!!…

Have you always been inspired by fashion?

Yes, I have. I’ve always needed a creative outlet growing up, and fashion has always attracted my attention. I’ve always loved how fashion can create an entire persona and doesn’t have to be taken too seriously. During school I focussed more on art, which I feel has made me question and experiment more with surface texture and print methods.

Which fashion designers do you admire?

There’s so many! Raf Simons, Shrimps, JW Anderson to name a few brands. I interned with Christian Cowan and his work ethic is incredible admirable.

Who has been your biggest mentor so far?

My biggest mentors so far have to be the university technicians. They’re part of the reason I chose UCA Epsom. They’re so incredibly patient and skilled and always dedicate time to help you develop technically as a designer.

Why did you choose Epsom University?

I looked and applied to quite a few universities. Initially I was looking for an art foundation course when I found out about UCA’s Year 0 option for Fashion. Fashion degrees are so stressful and demanding both financially and emotionally, and I just got a much better vibe from UCA compared to CSM.

Tell us what inspired your graduate collection

My graduate collection is inspired by my paternal grandparents and my memories of visiting their house.

You’ve so many different techniques in your work, tell us about them?

My collection shows digital print, hand painting and knitwear to name a few. All the techniques were developed to highlight key parts of my memories - for example the knitwear references the crochet blanket that was always on the chair in my grandparents living room. The knitwear also features floral designs from family photos. I worked with Kate Brittain to develop the knits and I love how they turned out. She’s ace. The hand painted florals are an alternative interpretation of flowers found in my grandparents garden. The digital print references 70s photographic prints on clothing - I used family photos from my Dad’s albums.

Your fabric choices: How did you chose them and was that a challenge?

My fabric choices were based heavily on interior fabrics - for example bath mats, table cloths, furnishing leatherette. The intention was to reflect the textures of my grandparents house in a functional and wearable manner.

What print techniques did you use?

I used a few different print techniques to create a more lived in, homely, 70s feel. There’s layers of digital print and hand painted florals to contrast each other.

You have a wonderful sense of colour, where do you go for inspiration?

Thanks! The colours were primarily picked from the hues of the family photos I focussed on. I love how the colours changed as they aged.

What was the highlight of GFW?

Backstage during the show the atmosphere was intense. As soon as the show finished and we all went down the catwalk it was an amazing feeling of relief, excitement and pure joy that all our hard work was finally out there to be seen by the public.

How would you like to develop your career?

At the moment it’s been really fun to just see what’s come out of the response to my graduate collection. The ultimate goal is to start my own brand. However I’d love to secure a cool design job at a new and upcoming brand to gain more experience and be part of something really forward thinking.