Digital Textile Printing Software Suppliers



A.I.T. (Advanced Information Technologies) is Turkey’s first and only organization that provides hardware and technical supports about variant design, pattern design, samples, repeat print and consumables in the textile industry since 1996.

We develop textile softwares for almost 21 years.Ease of use and functionality are our indispensable. We have spent a lot of effort on this software during its development process that is 21 years.  

1-Miracle Colorway:

This is the most common and well-known textile application which is easy to use for everyone. This application will solve all your problems about digital print, color separation, Automatic Color Variant, dijital printout files without any textile knowledge.

2-Miracle Power RIP :

Which is produced by using color production technique according to the first textile printing dye logic in the sector, is designed for textile only.

3-Miracle WearDesign :

Provides quick and easy dressing of previously studied image files or archived patterns and variants on masked models. It provides easy selection of fabrics, models, patterns and variants in accordance with the obtained results.