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The Interior Décor sector is no stranger to customisation, early digital ink jet printing technologies within the wallpaper industry were embraced some time ago. However, as the demand for personalization continues to grow, so do the opportunities for manufacturers and the Digital print sector globally.

Interiors by nature are bespoke, and each scheme be that Residential or Contract delivers a visual, tactile environment that fulfils the objectives of the designer and the purpose of the space. Creating a unique scheme for a client utilizing digital technologies offers unlimited creativity to the Interior design community.

In the Home Decor sector digital disruption for wallcoverings offers both the retailer and the manufacturer an opportunity to increase design diversity alongside reduced lead times and stock requirements. Digital technologies also offer a new canvas for the creative, now freed from the restrictions of repeat, and with only their imagination as the boundary to the creative possibilities.

Decorative wallcoverings are often the bedrock of an Interior scheme, offering a large surface for application. That may be subtle or full-impact, but all have their place in the interior space. At this year’s Printeriors showcase we aimed to inspire the visitor with a selection of inspiring wallcoverings that reflect current technology and trends for the Industry.

As awareness within the design and manufacturing communities takes hold, the availability of specialist substrates in small or large volumes has undoubtably unlocked the sector. Designers and printers alike now have easy access to the core substrates that are the Interior industry staples, this coupled together with new digital technologies, alongside access to small minimums is why we now see a new generation of Digital Wallcoverings emerging onto the marketplace. Fire Retardant surfaces, Embossed papers, Non-wovens with padded surface coatings, Paper backed Textiles, Metallic surfaces are now readily available and, in any quantity, to inspire creativity.

Utilising Latex technology Surface Print, a specialist manufacturer of both Digital and surface printed wallcoverings provided a selection of non-woven base printed wallcoverings featuring Jasper Goodalls designs.

Surface Print embraced digital technologies many years ago and have pioneered a suite of techniques for digital mass manufacture built on their historic knowledge of wallpaper manufacturing. Offering the Interior and Home Décor community a digital or analogue roll-to-roll option alongside customized, bespoke wallpapers and have been serving the Interior industry for almost 30 years. Print methods include: Surface, Sur-Flex, Flexo, Flock, Beads, Grit, Emboss and Digital.

Showcased in the various room sets were wallpapers from Sentec International, a specialist wallcoverings provider offering a wide range of printable decorative substrates printed utilizing Latex technology onto embossed surfaces, that included leather, stipples and pearlescent coatings from the Desardi collection. Walltex is a premium fabric backed coated vinyl, printable contract quality wallcovering product. DESARDI® Walltex is BioPruf™ treated (preventing the growth of bacteria and mold/mildew), this combined with the beauty and quality makes it, among others, very suitable for durable applications in the health care, hotel and leisure industry. The designs printed featuring elements from the Jasper Goodall FESPA Collection depicted both repeating patterns and custom sized bespoke murals.

Contract Interiors utilize a range of substrates that are both regulated and certified. Working with 3-Sixty a specialist digital print company based in Wales, UK, utilizing Latex technology the showcase featured a selection of fire resistant, durable coated vinyl wallcoverings. The strength of colour is a requirement of the contract space as it a highly durable surface that can withstand the wear and tear of the hospitality Industry.

A unique feature this year was a collaboration between 3-sixty and Light-up-North, with the addition of illuminated wallcoverings featuring neon wired designs through-out two of the room sets. Adding a touch of drama to the Interior and a unique contemporary element that adds interactive technology to the wall space. Light-Up-North offer a huge selection of lighting effects that add a modern contemporary twist and a splash of technology, a trend that is set to grow throughout the sector.

Texture has always been a key element in the design of an Interior scheme, and the surfaces we choose add ambience and luxury. Emerging digital technologies can now deliver the texture, during the print process and again the possibilities are endless. Utilizing Mimaki UV technology and reflective luxury Metallic foils from Kernow Coatings the Printeriors showcase featured a collection of printed white digital prints onto metallic foil. The UV ink offers the possibility to build layer upon layer to create a raised surface effect utilizing multiple colours when required. The Metallic films were also used as a dramatic backdrop for all the room sets adding a splash of Gold, Copper and Silver decadence.

With sustainability a key topic within the Industry, Canon Oce provided a suite of wallpapers printed on the Colorado digital print machine. Utilising non-toxic UV Gel Inks that deliver an incredible colour gamut, alongside scratch resistant wallpapers with a durable finish. Dried using LED technology to offer energy efficiency plus a reduced ink requirement by comparison with other technologies.

Multi media is also a growing area for the Interior sector, and we showcased a stunning selection of rotary printed metallic pigment wallpapers, provided by Off The Wallcoverings. The metallic wallpapers were first coated by rotary printing with oxidized, light diffraction mica pigments onto a cross laid 150gsm paper with added fibre reinforcement that allows for perfect hanging and a non-stretch or tear characteristic.

Then the designs were printed using UV digital technology generously provided by CMYUK to create a luxury surface and new first application for the Industry. As designers gain access to digital technologies we will witness many new applications such as this stunning suite of luxury metallic wallcoverings within the Interior sector.

In collaboration with Jacky Puzey an award winning textile designer and specialist digital embroiderer we showcased an increasingly popular technology for decoration, embroidery. Jacky recreated a beautiful geometric from the elements collection utilizing digital embroidery onto a pre-printed Paper backed, Polyester Silk Textile wallcovering.

Working together Designers and Manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of surface design to new heights, offering the consumer unlimited possibilities. Collaboration is the key to future growth as we seek new visual experiences in Décor.

Thank you to each and every one of our partners and collaborators without whom our Printeriors showcase would not have been possible. It takes a team of professionals from design through to production to create an Interior scheme and this year’s feature was a tribute to teamwork.