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Gemini CAD Systems and ExactFlat : Solving the 3D to 2D Workflow

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Gemini CAD Systems and ExactFlat, today announce the forthcoming availability of a bundled solution to solve the productivity improvement needs of manufacturers of soft goods. The solution interconnects 3D to 2D pattern and graphic flattening capabilities with the advanced 2D pattern development tools needed to create compelling, profitable products.

The output of ExactFlat’s leading 3D to 2D pattern and graphic flattening environment is now fully compatible with Gemini CAD’s suite of advanced 2D design and nesting capabilities, as well as with Gemini CAD’s innovative technologies for leather or for digital printed goods. Customers will be able to move to an integrated workflow from design to cut.

A seismic shift is underway for manufacturers of apparel, furniture, and other soft goods. Modern interconnected digital processes are replacing the unprofitable manual processes everywhere, to save time and costs, positioning manufacturers for success in cutthroat competitive markets.

The new bundled solution from Gemini and ExactFlat is a seamless integration between two advanced technologies, to cover the entire manufacturing process, from 3D designs to 2D development. It helps manufacturers make the transition to a 100% digital workflow with confidence. This is the best way to address challenges like mass customization, just-in-time production, or meeting the needs of Industry 4.0.
Furniture, inflatables, apparel and other industrial products made from soft materials like textiles, leather and composites can now be made in far less time, with far less effort