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TEXPROCESS 2019 : Geminicad Shows On-Site Textile Microfactory

Image courtesy of GeminiCad

Image courtesy of GeminiCad

After its spectacular presence at the previous edition of the fair, two years ago, Gemini took things one step further and challenged the industry to go pragmatic, to embrace technological progress in an efficient manner, based on their immediate and direct impact on costs, production workflows, resources and outcome.

With this goal, Gemini became an onsite manufacturer, as the team used the first fully operational and deployable microfactory installed in its booth to produce ready-to-wear customized garments.

More than just a lecture, a computer demo or a show, the Gemini exhibition brought a proof of hands-on production as well as a visit into the tangible future of the industry.

From Pixel to Product

If mass customization is the trend, then the challenge is to produce unique garments at the cost of a series of garments.

Here is the case: you only have a general design and a set of individual measurements of your customers.

You need to produce for them on demand, made-to-measure customized garments, with customized digital printed parts.

And you want to work fast and efficiently, to meet short deadlines, to deliver the best quality, to keep prices at a competitive level.

The CEO of Gemini CAD Systems explains: “The answer is a mix of technologies and features that address each of these needs and create the automation links between them. Gemini offers such a complete solution, which seamlessly integrates our most innovative design and nesting applications, bespoke management tools, 3D simulation, cloud computing, Industry 4.0 communication. This is what our microfactory at Texprocess 2019 demonstrates in a practical manner. To transform the microfactory from a concept into a business reality, we switched from Enthusiasm to Pragmatism, and we invited in this project several suppliers of technology who share the same approach and vision. Together, we showed the first fully operational and deployable microfactory solution for producing on-demand, made-to-measure digitally printed garments”, Traian Luca says.

“Pixel to Product” is the theme of the Gemini exhibition at Texprocess 2019, indicating a complete solution that automates the entire workflow, from digital input files to ready-to-wear products.

In the Gemini stand, the microfactory worked to demonstrate all the stages of the production process, from the CAD station to sewing the garments and the preparation for delivery.

The focus points of the presentations were the bespoke management applications, used to customize the model as a design, measurements and graphics, as well as the new cloud nesting technology, or the new Industry 4.0 tools for communication between the CAD environment and the sewing or the ironing equipment.

The microfactory is ready-to-be-deployed, a project with various and versatile applicability, able to meet one’s expectations in different apparel sectors, from sportswear to high fashion.