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Mix Magazine shares Colour Forecast with MoOD


Colour Hive foresees four colour stories having a large influence on the future of textiles and wallcoverings for the AW19/20 season and beyond. 

For our MoOD Connect readers, Marie Rouillon, Senior Trend & Colour Consultant and trend stylist for Colour Hive, lifts a veal on the four trends she will be presenting at her MoOD seminar on the 11th of September. A few of the materials shown in this article are also selected for the Innovation Platform (together with Material Lab).

Wild Protection & Regeneration

Could rewilding; returning cultivated land back into wilderness, hold the key to current ecological challenges? Or do we fear nature’s encroachment on urban spaces? An untamed, raw and challenging palette reflects the elemental and uncontrollable side of nature as this trend examines these conflicted views.

Story Identity & Solidarity

While isolationist policies persist in the West, this trend aims to highlight the cultural importance of disseminating ideas around the world while cherishing and preserving identity. The palette is directed by multiple and diverse strands of inspiration, skilfully drawn into one cohesive message.

Solace Silent & Remote

As the world gravitates towards increasingly alarming extremes, the appeal of conscious neutrality grows. When presented with black and white, there is strength in choosing grey. A deliberately minimal palette assembles a carefully considered grouping, exploring subtle nuances rather than bold contrasts.

Vibe Hyper & Hedonic

A shimmering mishmash of counter culture, digital distractions and visual extravaganzas; this trend celebrates the importance of hedonism and living in the moment. Like web surfing, this trend channels random but visually exciting influences with a palette avoiding any hint of neutrality.

About Mix Magazine: MIX Magazine is a unique quarterly publication. With a focus on global and regional trend and colour forecasting MIX Magazine provides intelligent analysis two years ahead of the season. Their original concepts, photography and styling combine with real world applications as an essential creative and business tool for the design industry.

Debbie Mckeegan