Digital Textile Printing Machinery Suppliers


SETeMa (Scientifically Engineered Textile Machines) based in The Netherlands was founded in 2002. Its main objective is design and development of textile machinery based on the scientific knowledge of the underlying processes. SETeMa is thus able to design machines that perform better.

Due to the modular design of our machines we are able to supply a wide variety of solutions for in-line Coating, Fixation, Washing and Finishing. Production lines can even be upgraded afterwards. This enables custom solutions with minimal investments and adaptation to future needs.

All SETeMa products are designed to use minimal energy and supply a high efficiency, either through steam and water recycling, heat exchanger in waste streams and of course good isolation.

Our complete productportfolio is available in 1.85, 2.5 and 3.4 meter cloth widths to accomodate the total spectrum of textile printers.

Please have a look at our product solutions:
Textile steamer (inkjet and conventional): Portafix Universal, E-Steam, B-Steam Ink Jet Washer. 
Inkjet washer: Porta-Wash and E-Wash
Fabric pretreatment and finishing: Porta Pad
Cloth drying: Drum-Dryer, II-Fix, I-Fix
Dry heat fixation: Drum-Dryer, Drum Dryer-5, E-Steam