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Summer Course In Fashion Product Management At Barcelona’s Istituto Europeo Di Design

English Printed Fabric c.a. 1890

English Printed Fabric c.a. 1890


The summer course in Fashion product management is focused on giving a strategic overview of the fashion product functioning, taking into consideration positioning and brand values.

 It shows how to optimize the collections from the initial idea to the final consumer, and how to distinguish our proposals among competitors providing knowledge on product processing (efficient direction and management), marketing strategies and product communication product, as well as mechanisms of inspiration and trends development with a creative and cultural base.

Furthermore, the curricular content is aimed at constructing a balance between the analytical and creative part that a fashion product professional must learn to handle.

Design itself is not the essential part of the success of a fashion collection, it is the process from idea to stores, which is full of strategies, that makes a product, well designed from the beginning, succeed or fail in the market.

Factors such as the product structure, the size of the offer, the style of the collections, the innovation degree it incorporates, the choice of price, time management process and final product quality, are part of this complex and internal world that characterizes different fashion brands.

Every decision on the factors discussed above, is the result of a 360-degree brand strategy and an efficient business model.

Language: English

Duration: 2 weeks

Start Date: 1st July 2019

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 4.40 p.m to 9.40 p.m

Price:1.800€ (Enrolment fee 600€ + tuition fee 1.200€).
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