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The Future Of Fashion At Dutch Design Week 2018


Fashion pretends to be a field of innovation and the new, but the materials and production methods have hardly developed since the Industrial Revolution. Fashion and clothing could be so much more; it is the piece of technology we keep closest to our skin, and with which we have the most intimate relationship.

The exhibition explores and opens a vista of possibilities through a range of innovative projects from different designers and researchers from the Netherlands and abroad, some very experimental, some ready for sale and home use.

From new sustainable ways of thinking and designinginnovative production solutions and integrated technology that can improve the way garments behave, feel and treat your body. Find more information and exhibitors below.

Far from being a static place to display existing projects, there will also be a live and active workspace in which projects, machinery and inspiring ideas will materialize in real life. This collaborative workspace is the blueprint and try-out for an actual, permanent space in which by-wire.net wants to bring technological innovation in fashion to the next level. In the shop you can actually buy the products we preach. Find more info about 'what' to buy in the shop and 'who' in the workspace below. MaterialDistrict is partner of "Fashion? Future design for the present".  They selected 50 innovative materials in the theme “Fancy Fashion”.

Come and explore with us what Fashion can be!