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Kornit Allegro Wins Hong Kong Digital Printing Award


HONG KONG, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kornit Digital (NASDAQ: KRNT), a global market leader in digital textile printing innovation, has announced that the company reaped a silver level "Hong Kong Digital Printing Award 2018 (Special Material Category)" bestowed by the Hong Kong Digital Printing Association.

The award was presented in affirmation of the color vibrancy and print quality of a neon neck pillow printed on the Kornit Allegro using the company's unique NeoPigment™ Intenso Neon Inks.

The print job on the polyester neck pillow was produced on one of Kornit's most innovative printing solutions.

The Kornit Allegro is a single-step, waterless printing solution equipped with NeoPigment™ Intenso Neon Inks.

These inks -- which are the only pigment-based Neon inks in the digital textile printing industry -- can be used in several print modes, for example to replace process colors or to extend the color gamut of a printed design.

The NeoPigment™ Intenso Neon Inks open-up a wide array of new applications, allowing Allegro users to tap into new market segments and to increase solution utilization, for example in fashion, sportswear and children's costumes.

An important feature involved in printing the winning sample was the adjustable head height mechanism of the Allegro: users can easily adjust the print heads to accommodate the thickness of the printing substrate and produce high-quality, sharp and saturated prints on the delicate substrates.

The Kornit Allegro roll-to-roll digital textile printing solution demonstrates its unparalleled flexibility as the only stand-alone, one step, no-pretreatment, digital printing solution. In fact, the Allegro can produce a finished fabric from the digital file in less than seven minutes.

 Kornit's NeoPigment™ printing process works on both natural and synthetic fabrics.

Unlike typical digital technologies, the Allegro offers an innovative solution that eliminates the need for multiple steps of pre-press and post-press treatments.

Kornit's technology is leading in sustainability with a 100% waterless process utilized in all the company's printing solutions. All the latest developments are geared towards making digital textile printing more competitive, profitable and straightforward.

 That way, Kornit gives garment decorators, textile producers and web-to-print players the tools that they need in today's demanding markets.