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FESPA 2019 : Kornit’s Avalanche Poly Pro Wins The EDP Award For Best Direct-To-Garment System

Image courtesy of Fespa Global

Image courtesy of Fespa Global

ROSH-HA'AYIN, Israel, May 16, 2019-- Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, today announced that its Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro has been honoured with the European Digital Press Association (EDP) Award for best Direct-to Garment Printing System.

The EDP Awards are judged by an expert Technical Committee from Europe’s leading trade publications. The expert panel, representing different countries and publications, focuses on the features and qualities of the products awards the most innovative products of the year.

The judges named the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro as best in its category. Recognised as the smartest printing solution for Polyester, the Poly Pro is a game-changing, industry first that prevents dye-migration, and provides the most cost efficient, single step process for printing on Polyester. Polyester is the second largest category in the overall T-shirt market, and is key in the sportswear, athleisure and functional apparel segments.

Printing on Polyester is predominantly done today on analog solutions. This represents a major technological, cost and sustainability challenge.  The award-winning Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro addresses these challenges and handles polyester without compromising on design, run size, and sustainability.

The breakthrough technological innovation is achieved by the combination of an innovative ink set, the NeoPigment™ Olympia, and a physical and chemical process specifically developed for low temperature curing. Polyester enhancing functionalities were developed to maintain fabric characteristics and provide superior fastness. This unique process prevents dye migration on polyester.  The inks are Oeko-Tex and Eco-Passport certified and do not contain PVCs or other toxic ingredients.

Ronen Samuel, Kornit’s CEO, commented: “We are honoured to have won this award. We focus on removing industry barriers and continuously deliver digital innovation to the garment and textile printing industry. We remain committed to our customers’ success as they address new business opportunities in a more efficient and sustainable fashion”.