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Foundations In Textiles At The Open College Of Creative Arts

Antique Japanese Print

Antique Japanese Print

Foundations In Textiles At The Open College Of Creative Arts

Approx. Duration: 12 months at 8hrs/week-Online Learning

There are many ways to look at textiles: a universal language; a history of mankind and history in the making; a necessity and a luxury; an individual concern and a global industry; something that is ever evolving.

This Open Foundations course will help you develop your visual skills and explore different ways of using materials and tools to develop your own textile ideas.

Once you have been introduced to the nature and context of textiles, you will go on to build up mark-making techniques, explore collage as a means of creative observational drawing for textile-based work, discover the properties of materials and expand your visual vocabulary through drawing, collage and manipulation techniques.

On completion of the five parts of the Open course you should have gained sufficient skills and enough confidence to go on to further study with the Open College of the Arts, and be able to decide on the nature and direction of your future studies and art practice.


  • introduce you to new ways of developing visual work appropriate for textiles

  • use a range of media, techniques and approaches in your work

  • encourage you to experiment and develop your own visual vocabulary

  • see your work in a broader context of contemporary practice