Digital Textile Printing Training Courses

CAD For Textile And Fashion Print Design - Nottingham Trent University


About the Course

On this practical, Apple Mac-based course, you’ll learn how to experiment with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to enhance your creativity and technical skills to create innovative digital textile designs and patterns.

This course is ideal for textile and fashion print designers at the start of their career.

So long as you’ve an interest in textiles, fashion or surface pattern design you’ll be welcome to attend.

Ideally you’ll bring to the course textile or fashion print designs that you’re currently working on or which inspire you, so as to ensure you get the most out of the practical projects.

The course leader will teach specific skills related to your own requirements.

On this course you will:

- learn how to digitise and develop your designs using computer aided design (CAD)
- learn how designers use CAD today to create innovative new work, and how they are thinking about textile design in the future
- be introduced to techniques through group demonstrations and benefit from one-to-one tutorials to aid your development
- learn about different pattern repeats, styles and layouts
- learn how to create repeat patterns using Adobe Creative Suite to utilise your area of specialism: textile or fashion print design
- experiment with software painting and drawing tools, image manipulation, pattern, repetition, texture and colour
- learn how to create colour palettes using digital images
- research current trends in textile design and fashion print
- have the opportunity to create your own brief based on your own area of interest and personal style
- be able to create and save digital files in the correct formats for print.

The course will be taught on Apple Mac computers and, whilst no software experience is required, you should be confident in saving files and basic computer functions.

What will you gain?

By the end of the course you’ll have a have a good understanding of how the computer software can be used in different specialist areas to enable you to digitally reproduce your designs for commercial use.

Course Start Date

Saturday 29th February 2020
Monday 3rd August 2020

Duration: Five Saturdays or one week

Price: £650

Run by: Linsey Galloway
at Nottingham Trent University

50 Shakespeare Street


25 hours of quality tuition with an experienced tutor. Maximum class size: 10