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The Power of Print!…Meet Designer Helen Hallam who has created many of the best selling patterns for the brand Designers Guild over the last 12 years.

Utilising Digital technologies Helen is now designing and manufacturing her own collections, working alongside Interior Designers on bespoke projects whilst also building her own online store selling Fabrics, Wallpapers and Accessories. Read her inspiring story….

You have an incredible hand for Florals, where did you train, tell us more?

I studied Textile Design and Surface Pattern in Taunton, Somerset. It was here that I started to include florals in my design work, though I would say at that time my interest was in the more abstract, expressive form. When I finished university I went to work for a fashion print studio in London and this is when I really started painting Flowers. Painting every day in Inks or Gouache really helped me develop my skills. Its always been practice, practice! I still feel I’m learning now..

What’s your favourite flower to paint and why?

Tricky Question as i have so many. I love Peonies but my favourite flowers to paint are Roses.

How do you use CAD in your designer workflow?

I use Photoshop to put my designs into repeat. I will scan my paintings and then play around with scale etc. I try and keep my design work true to my paintings and not to over digitise my work which means including all those nuances and little mistakes so my work still retains the hand painted quality about it.

How did Digital Print technology change the artwork you can create?

Digital Print technology has revolutionised textile printing. As designer, I no longer have to worry about how many colours I include in a design, previously in rotary or screen printing I was limited to how many colours i used, with digital every colour I paint is captured and printed onto cloth. 

Having worked at Designers Guild for many years what was your favourite product and why?

I worked at Designers Guild for many years on a wide range of products from fabric, wallpapers, bedlinen, geos, ceramics, stationery and kids collections. It was an amazing company to work for and to work along side Tricia Guild was such an inspiration. Its hard to pick a favourite product but ultimately I loved designing the large scale floral fabric collections most.

What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

The best thing about working for myself is very simply having freedom and control of what I do.

Tell us about your new beautiful Interior collection?

I’ve been painting in my studio on a series of new work recently and these paintings will form the basis of my new designs. it will include some new elements and techniques but it will be still botanical and inspired by nature. I will be launching this fabric and wallpaper collection mid April. 

How do you plan to build your Brand?

I love working bespoke and in collaboration and have worked with interior designers on various projects.

What’s you favourite designer respite to recharge?

As an artist and designer I never really switch off but simple things like spending weekends and holidays with my family are the best. 

You can buy my products from my website