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Millennial customers demand the engaging experience that AR delivers…

AR - Augmented Reality is set to disrupt the Fashion Industry. As we move to sustainable, fast paced, shorter supply chains, we have to deliver products in incredibly fast time frames. Digital textile printing and the on-demand service it offers, has facilitated the customised automation of print, at both mini and mass scale and across the globe. There simply isn't enough time in the workflow to make samples and shoot photography, but the customer demands to see what they are buying and AR (Augmented Reality) offers the solution. There are many other benefits too, when linked to social media and marketing analytics, AR simulations can predict the future, helping companies to control their stocks and make a huge sustainable impact.

Automation has a huge part to play in all of our creative futures, and we already accept software as a huge part of our daily lives. From our iphones (our mini computers) which offer us a window into the world, where we connect, live, breath and buy everything we need. Retail rooted in the offline, flat department store is set for radical change, if not extinction.

AR Simulations can predict the future, helping companies to become more sustainable

As millennial consumers we demand an engaging experience, a personalised storyline, and for brands large and small this demand needs to be addressed. Software plays a huge part in the future of retail, running in parallel to our online activity, analysing every click to deliver the products we wish to purchase. Each tailored to our unique taste, and delivered into our inbox for purchase in a subconscious, silent format. 

However, whilst automating tasks will undoubtably remove jobs from our Industry, new technologies also offer new opportunities for future employment.

New skills and talents are needed and today we're talking to Amber Jae Slooten, a Virtual Fashion Designer, whom whilst training at university saw early on that the traditional catwalk was in desperate need of reform. "Planning a Fashion showcase with a six month lead time just didn't make sense. Nor did creating a physical collection."

TEXINTEL TALKS: AMBER JAE SLOOTEN INTERVIEW: The Virtual Fashion Designer… Will the next Super Model be an Avatar?

We are all accustomed to 3D-Simulations in the workplace. Selling online demands 3D effects, but the future of AR, and AI will deliver real products that don't physically exist until the moment of purchase. Then and only then will they be manufactured.

I have to ask myself how far away we are from the Super Avatar!...A simulated Kate moss, a new synthetic super model. After all we instinctively seek perfection and what better way to sell your products than on the perfect model that depicts your brands identity, whatever that might be?

Nobody questions that Mozart was an incredible composer, music is real and yet we can't touch it or see it. The catwalk stars of the future will be real too...

Textintel Talks to Amber Jae Slooten: Virtual Fashion Designer 

What inspired your interest in animation? Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by what computers can create. I was gaming a lot and endlessly dressing my characters, feeling the freedom of the digital space. When I came across the 3D modelling technology with which I could create garments during my studies at AMFI I felt I had to explore it even more.

How do you think AR will change the fashion Industry? I took a semester outside of AMFI to create a virtual fashion show using this technology with an interdisciplinary team and from there on I never created garments in real life again. To me, the fashion industry was so polluting that I did not want to create another collection, and I was looking for ways to be more sustainable using technology.

You graduated with an AR collection? Coming back to AMFI I was the first to graduate with a complete digital holographic collection shown on a real life model, proving that garments do not have to be physical to exist.

Where will your interest in Fashion and Animation take you next? In the next period I will be focussing on starting up a company named The Fabricant, in which I will lead creative direction and digital fashion design. Together with Kerry Murphy and Kevin van Kleef we are going to change the industry with our digital clothing animations, making models, photoshoots and fashion shows obsolete.

We want to show that using technology we can get much further and that we can reduce samples and overproduction.

Lastly I would like to share a quote with you that really fits our vision from Isaac Asimov, one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence:

“Things don’t need to be real, when they seem to be.” Issac Asimov

You can contact Amber here@the_fab_ric_ant  @ambervanslooten