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Wins Gold AWARD - GFW

Rebecca Wilson. BA Fashion Graduate, Bournemouth University Talks to www.Texintel.com

Rebecca Wilson. BA Fashion Graduate, Bournemouth University Talks to www.Texintel.com

Rebecca Wilson wins the Christopher Bailey, GOLD at Graduate Fashion Week, London, 2018. With a jackpot prize of £10,000 and a fabulous start to her Career.

Graduate Fashion Week brings together over 40 Universities across the globe. It's an incredible event, offering a new generation of fledgling Fashion designers a forum to present their BA Fashion portfolio's to the Industry, and of course the worlds Press. It's truly is a celebration of unencumbered creativity!..from which many of the worlds biggest names in Fashion are born.

This year we interviewed the talented Rebecca Wilson, a graduate from Bournemouth University. Her passion for Fashion is evident in the depth of her portfolio, and her attention to detail astounding. A shining star of the future, and we wish her every success in her design journey.

We asked Rebecca a few Questions:

What inspired your collection?       

My collection tells the story of a Victorian working class family based on the photographs taken by August Sander and Horace Warner. The textiles in this collection Use a combination of modern and traditional techniques to recreate the look of pre loved passed down clothing that has forged its own rich history.

Your passion for fashion? I think fashion should have a narrative, a story or a message behind each collection, whether it be a personal story that allows people to express emotion or a message that needs to be shared with the world to bring about change. I am a strong believer of making clothing last. We live in a world where people have no relationship to their clothes and therefore getting rid of an item is too easy. Whereas, I believe garments should be cherished and a celebration of craftsmanship.

What it means to win the gold award? I am still so overwhelmed, winning the award has given me a huge platform to launch my work, and it has allowed me to share my designs with industry experts I could have only dreamed off.

And what’s next for Rebecca? I have really enjoyed the whole process of creating my collection, from concept development, design, through to textile creation and final manufacture, therefore I am excited to take on whatever opportunities arise, and gain experience in the industry.

It's clear that Generation Z have a fresh approach to Fashion. Seeking to create sustainable clothing that's both viable and ecological. As the Catwalks for this season come to a close, i can't help but rejoice in the responsible attitude to sustainability witnessed in this years graduates!...

Well done Rebecca, your talent, vision and creativity stand you in good stead for a vibrant career!...[Round of Applause]

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