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Durst help Gabel Group face New challenges in Textile Printing

Gabel Group install Digital Print Facility for customised manufacture....

Gabel Group install Digital Print Facility for customised manufacture....

Durst, an inkjet pioneer and manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, has helped Gabel Group to transform its retail business and open up more export trade in a partnership approach.

A major household linen producer and retailer based in the heart of Italy's textile area, Gabel has invested in Durst's Alpha 330 super high-performance multi-pass printer with the One-Step Greentex P ink.

Gabel Group is achieving industrial scale digital production with its Durst Alpha 330 printer at its headquarters near Milan and is now looking to invest in a second system to meet the evolving customer requirements of ever-shorter print runs and specialist customization for its business as it continues to diversify and expand into new markets.

"The face of retail is changing," said Michele Moltrasio, Chairman and President of Gabel Group. "Today many of the orders involve printing hundreds of metres instead of thousands of metres as in the past, but numbers of orders are going up hugely. Retail shops want different designs and colours every two to three weeks because they want to continue developing new ideas and new collections. As we continue to expand our export market, which we anticipate will double within a year to around 20% of our business, digital will become even more important because virtually every European country has different specifications for its linen requirements. The Durst Alpha 330 is a perfect fit for us.

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