HP Inc.’S Vision Is To Create Technology That Makes Life Better For Everyone, Everywhere - A Message On Sustainability From The Ceo Of HP

Image Courtesy of HP Inc

Image Courtesy of HP Inc

90 years ago, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard cleared out a small California garage to launch a business. With all the funding they could muster — a grand total of $538 dollars — they set out to create a different kind of company.

One that pushes the boundaries of human potential and progress. An engine of innovation that not only creates value for its customers and shareholders, but also for society.

This mindset was decades ahead of its time, and it has never been more important. Because, while we are seeing unprecedented technological innovation across industries, we’re also confronting serious societal challenges — from climate change and other threats to our planet, to persistent inequality that prevents far too many people and communities from reaching their full potential.

Companies have critically important roles to play in solving these problems — not simply because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s a business imperative.

A growing number of our customers, consumers and employees are passionate about the environment and social justice, and they expect companies like ours to lead with purpose.

Across HP, our people and our partners are doing just that — and it’s having a measurable impact on our results.

In 2018, our Sustainable Impact programs drove more than $900 million of new revenue, a 35 percent increase versus prior year.

Yet while we are making significant progress, we are nowhere near the end of our journey. We are doubling down on our commitments and seeking new ways to turn the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow.

This requires us to set our sights high. It’s not enough to simply check a box and move on. It’s about creating technology that is truly in the service of humanity.

It’s about always aspiring to produce something beyond products and profits.

At HP, we aspire to create a world without waste.

From our supply chain, to our operations, to our technology and service offerings, we are transforming our entire business for a circular, low-carbon economy.

We are reinventing how we design, deliver and recover our products to enable our customers to drive growth while shrinking their carbon footprint.

And we are disrupting the global manufacturing sector with 3D printing technology that’s making companies more competitive, productive and sustainable.

We also know that, to achieve this vision, we must be powered by diversity and inclusion.

We are proud to have the most diverse Board of Directors of any U.S. technology company and be amongst the top technology companies for women in executive positions.

Attracting the brightest talent and building a culture where people from all walks of life can contribute and flourish is a cornerstone of our success.

This work is not confined to the walls of HP. We work hard to ensure our products are manufactured with respect and care for the people who make them, and we have provided skills and well-being training to more than a quarter-million workers worldwide.

And, as we push forward on our journey, we’ll be investing to equip and empower communities to thrive.

We believe education is a fundamental human right. We have now enabled better learning outcomes for 21 million people around the world, well on our way to achieving our goal of 100 million by 2025.

At the same time, our people are investing their time, talents and resources in their local communities. By 2025, HP employees will log 1.5 million volunteer hours.

Across HP, we are reinventing our company to meet the evolving needs of our business and the world we share.

We will continue to adapt to changes and rise to challenges. And, together with our partners, we will lead a sustainability revolution fueled by technology.

 Afterall, that is what innovation is all about — finding solutions that benefit our business and society as a whole.

Best Regards,Dion WeislerPresident and Chief Executive Officer, HP Inc