German Textile Manufacturer Pongs Shows The Way In Fabric Production Sustainability

Image Courtesy of Pongs

Image Courtesy of Pongs

PONGS is aware of its ecological responsibility.

That is why, for example, water leaves the production cycle just as clean as when it went in. 

The vast majority of textiles manufactured at PONGS are OEKO-TEX certified and any chemicals used to finish them are REACH-compliant. 

Waste heat is fed back into the production cycle.

The operation of three of our own solar plants also contributes significantly to resource-saving production.

Production in harmony with nature: clean, quiet and virtually emission-free.

Water | Safe And Clean

To comply with the standards and underlying regulations, Pongs have introduced the following procedures, systems and standards:

1.     Bioreactor waste water treatment plant

2.     Ultra-filtration system

3.     Natural Wells

Photovoltaics | Power Of The Sun

For numerous ecological and economical reasons, day-to-day energy consumption is becoming increasingly important.

The solar power plant at Pongs supplies 500,000 kWh per year. Emission-free guaranteed.

Heat utilisation | Valuable commodity

Pong’s  two finishing plants each have heat re-cycling production.

This solves two problems: firstly, it reduces energy consumption by 20-30% and, secondly, it cleans the used air via a water filtration system (up to 100% of the air is cleaned).

Responsible trading within the company means living by the values of today, complying with statutory regulations and standards out of a sense of responsibility for people and resources.

PONGS products are therefore manufactured with regard for the environment, to achieve a balance between industry and nature.

They fulfil all of the major ecological standards.