Cibitex Present Their Energy-Saving Easyline™ Range Of Digital Textile Finishing Machinery At ITMA

Image Courtesy of Cibitex

Image Courtesy of Cibitex

With their eye on the increasing importance of energy and water conservation, CIBITEX from Milan presented the eco-conscious Easyline™ range of finishing machinery for Digital Textile Printing at ITMA.

The machinery covers the entire Digital Print Process from pre-coating, through Steaming and Fixation to Washing and Post Treatment, and provides energy and water saving qualities with each step.

Perhaps the best example of the Easyline™ Range is the Cibitex EasyWash, which  was created to overcome the criticality imposed by conventional washing systems that require large amounts of water, energy and space.

Thanks to its extraordinary compactness and versatility, EasyWash can be easily inserted into any production department, and because of its novel water recycling system  it operates with reduced water consumption and minimum energy requirements.

The unit stores the waste water from the washing cycle that removes excess dyes and and auxiliary chemicals, cools it down, and then re-uses it again and again, until the washing cycle is complete.

By comparison, conventional washing systems continuously use and heat fresh water during the process, discharging each cycle to waste as it completes.

The EasyWash dispenses with this wasteful technique, resulting in substantial energy and water savings.

The exclusive motionless technology, resulting from many years of experience in the construction of textile finishing plants, allows the printer to wash fabric rolls of up to 200 meters, without physical distortion in less than an hour.

The sustainable excellence of Easyline™ has been recognised by The Acimit Green Label, which is a standard, devised by the Italian textile manufacturing Industry to identify and make easily recognizable the energy and environmental performance of textile machinery.