Berger Textile’s New Display Material Made Of 100% Recycled Yarn Is Fire Resistant And Sound Absorbent

Image Courtesy of Berger Textiles

Image Courtesy of Berger Textiles

 Sustainability and environmental awareness have assumed critical importance  in the Textile Industry of today.

As a gross pollutant of the environment, the Textile Industry has had to find ways to reduce its environmental impact.

For this reason, Berger Textiles of Krefeld has moved more and more production to fabrics  that support and reinforce its response to Climate Change issues.

An example of this is  its Valuetex FR,  which is a fabric, using Re-Cycled PET Yarns with full Environmental Certification, which not only prints beautifully, but also  conforms to International Contract Fabric Specifications including Flame Resistance ( to DIN EN 13501-1 (Cfl-S1) and Sound Absorbency ( to αW = 0,10 (H)( ∆LW = 18dB)

The yarn for this textile consists of 100% recycled yarn, which is obtained from plastic bottles. This conserves resources and is good for the environment. Ideal for customers who appreciate or need "green" products as part of their Sales offer.

Recycled yarns have many Environmental advantages:

  • In terms of Physical Characteristics this Yarn is equivalent to Yarn produced from virgin feedstock, but with the advantage that much less energy has to be used in its production.

  • Energy savings of over 50% have been recorded.

  • The use of existing plastics reduces the amount of oil and gas that has to be refined.

  • This results in 52.6% less Co2 emission during the production process.

  • Finally, Ocean Pollution is minimised because by recycling the PET bottles, further plastics are prevented from ending up in the ocean.