Acme Of Taiwan Show Patented Water And Energy Saving Dyeing Process At ITMA

Image Courtesy of Acme

Image Courtesy of Acme

Heads were turned at ITMA recently by the Acme AM-ICD Jet Dyeing Machine, which uses a patented process, whereby water circulation is replaced by a mechanical conveyor, for transport of fabric during the dyeing process.

The Taiwanese company claim, that by using an ultra -low liquor ratio in this type of process, water, energy and chemical savings of up to 65% can be achieved.

In the process, the dye liquor is separated from the fabric, because the dye liquor is not used to transport the fabric through the machine. This means that the fabric circulates at a constant speed, and because the dye liquor is separated, the fabric absorbs little water, is free of tangling, and, as a result, runs smoothly during the process.

The fast circulation achieved by this process achieves a high liquor exchange rate with fabrics achieving a regular and uniform dyeing.

Additionally, because it is tangle-free, stretch fabrics such as Spandex and Lycra are dyed with few complications.

Finally, the patented shower rinsing system, reduces water and energy consumption dramatically, whilst still imparting all the required fastness and shade components to the fabric being dyed.

As Ms Yo-Chen Chang , Marketing Manager for Acme observed :

“Reducing the liquor ratio of dyeing machines has become the highest target for manufacturers, because the textile dyeing industry is not only one of the largest consumers of water and energy, but also the largest producer of pollution ”.