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Neenah Coldenhove was founded in 1661 in Eerbeek, the Netherlands

Over the years we have obtained a leading role in our industry, mainly due to our invention of digital sublimation transfer paper. Our ability to stay current has also enabled us to grow into what we are today: a state-of-the-art paper mill, known worldwide for its innovative paper solutions.

Looking at the changes in the market, especially when it comes to fashion, we believe that the possibilities for end users to customise and personalise their clothing will increase considerably. A task that becomes an easy reality thanks to sublimation printing!

In our quest to get closer to our customers and to learn more about their challenges in the market, we recently decided to focus our attention on creating connections and implementing our knowledge sharing through collaboration with designers and universities.

Here is where our project “When paper meets fashion” started.


Neenah Coldenhove has always invested in the future. And thanks to our history and years of industry experience, we are able to recognise both opportunity and talent. For all those reasons we are looking for new collaboration opportunities. To uncover new possibilities, explore new perspectives and together stand out more in the market.

Our sublimation papers can already guarantee consistent quality, sharp patterns and flawless designs but our next challenge is to help you reduce printing downtime, which will optimise your production space and simultaneously deliver the perfect print for your needs.

The variety of applications offered by this technology is limited only by the creativity of its end users. It’s up to us all to embrace the technology and to stimulate new creative solutions