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Digital Textile Printing just got a whole lot simpler! Take a look at the KORNIT Allegro in action...Sustainable printing, One Process, In-Line, Simple!

Printing textiles using the Kornit Allegro offers the manufacturer a Simple, Sustainable solution for the manufacture of Textiles. Saving time, energy and precious resources. Firstly, there's no need to pre-coat your fabric, the binder needed to bond with the textile substrate is present in the Kornit Ink, and importantly, the same ink will bond to both Cotton and Polyester or any other fabric type. The print heads, all 64 of them, deliver exceptional print quality at a speed of approx 48 metres per hour. 

Traditional textile manufacture consumes incredible amounts of energy, and water, and is the worlds second biggest water consumer, and polluter of our environment. Sustainability is now a critical agenda for all Textile businesses, be they manufacturers or Retail Brands.

The Allegro offer a non-toxic, non-pollutant print solution. Kornit's pigment inks are OEKO-Tex certified and on the GOTS positive list, meaning that they are Eco-Friendly and 100% sustainable.

The Kornit Allegro offers a 100% Dry print process that uses a minimal amount of water (and only in the Inks). There's no washing, steaming or extra finishing needed. Simply, Print, and Fix using dry heat and the fabric is ready for sale. The machine offers a complete single step solution, as one process from beginning to end for all fabrics. A first for the Industry and as such offers incredible advantages to multiple Industries.

For Printers, Buyers and Retail Brands looking to bring print sourcing in-house, the Allegro offers a flexible Digital alternative which provides a sustainable, labour efficient solution for Industrial, medium or small scale manufacturing.

In a new era of print on demand and just in time retailing, an efficient supply chain is essential. As we move to automated PLM, the Allegro also offers colour management and VR simulation software as part of their extensive portfolio of automated textile technology.

The Future is, here and it's available Now...