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FREE Colour Chart For Colour Management In Digital Textile Printing

One of the most difficult tasks facing any Textile Designer in Digital Printing is ensuring that the digital print matches the colours displayed on your CAD screen. How do you choose a colour and ensure that it matches when printed onto your fabric?

If you are a designer working in a manufacturing studio where you’re printing in house, this is somewhat simpler. Calibrating the design screens to production colour and the application of ICC profiles are standard practice and can ensure accurate colour management, most of the time. However, Textiles by their very nature are variable and can shift colour unexpectedly (a shift however small renders the fabric imperfect) in a production environment such colour swings are closely monitored and corrected. There are many software solutions for this, notably those provided by AVA Cad Cam, EFI Optitex, InEdit whom all provide essential colour management software. Visit our Software Directory.

So where does that leave a freelance Designer or Buyer commissioning a print?

You must create your own standard, and there is a shortcut! Download our FREE Hex colour chart.

The HEXChart offers 2000 colours and simplifies the colour matching process. Before printing your design file onto its final fabric, commission your digital printer to print this chart onto the fabric of your choice.

The printed HEX Chart fabric now becomes your colour standard, choose a particular colour block from the fabric sent to you by your printer, then load the Texintel HEX chart pdf into Photoshop.

If your design is not separated into separate colours, download the new Adobe Project Paras software, its FREE and simple to use and will allow you to colour separate your design.

To change colours, in photoshop use the colour dropper to manually pick colours from the pdf HEX chart. Using Photoshop, manually replace every colour, picking each one from the PDF HEX chart, as physically chosen from your new printed HEX Colour Standard fabric chart, that’s it!

When you send your newly coloured design to the printer it will return exactly as you expected. Perfectly matched to your chosen colours.

Physical sampling of this type is a well tried Industry practice, going back over many years, and if used carefully, can help the Textile Designer achieve the colours desired at the first attempt. Note that you do need a printed fabric chart for each fabric you may use. Polyester fabrics and Cotton fabrics for example take colour differently, dependent on weight, transparency and weave. Different print processes, Dye Sublimation, Pigment and Reactive also offer different colour spaces.

Enjoy! This is a simple process and a first step towards accurate colour management for the independent Designer.

*NOTE: Check your printers Terms and Conditions for Colour Continuity