Original Articles on Digital Textile Printing

Understanding Resolution and Colour? The Perfect Print

Good design is in the detail, and design is just the first part of the creative process. In this article I thought it best to go over some of the process that we all take for granted: Resolution and Colour. With the use of digital print, and the endless possibilities now available to designers of Fashion and Interior products, almost anything is possible visually.

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Fast Fashion - Drives Immediate Trends

‘Fast Fashion’ and digital print techniques have transformed our industry forever. The consumer demands an ever-faster stream of product delivered to the market in super-fast timeframes, changing the buying patterns of retailers, large and small.

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Debbie Mckeegan
Design In A Digital World

The global digital print market is growing at 25% per year. Choosing a digital print solution was once only an option for fine couture fashion houses or bespoke Décor but over the last 5 years prices have tumbled, and high speed machines can supply “fast fashion” houses with an endless stream of “See now – Buy now” products. Digital print is now a sustainable choice, which increases both profit and delivers product diversity.

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